Hi Guys, please leave your comments about our lessons and teaching, as well as sharing your successes. Congrats to all you newly qualified drivers!


Would highly recommend Sarah as a driving instructor. I passed my test first time with only 3 lessons, she has brilliant patients and makes you feel very comfortable. What an amazing teacher!! Thank you so much Sarah.
Sarah is a brilliant instructor, made me feel comfortable every lesson. Was always giving positive feedback and making me feel confident in my driving, I passed my test with her first time after only having a few lessons. During these lessons she improved all my manoeuvres and changed the way I did things and made it a lot easier. Sarah is a lovely woman too always up for a chat and full of compliments.
Sarah was so helpful and understanding when I came to her with a lack of confidence in driving! I enjoyed every single lesson and felt so prepared! I can’t thank her enough!!
Rely nice lady helped me to pass my test best instructor In Swansea 💯
I passed on my second attempt but Sarah was very good at helping me build from my mistakes from the first one. She’s also very friendly and talkative during lessons making them more enjoyable.
Sarah is an amazing instructor - real helpful, patient and funny that can get you through the nerves of a test. She was able to fit me in last minute during the tough circumstances and get me ready for my test in a short amount of time. I can’t thank and recommend her enough, with a easy to drive car too :)
Sarah is an amazing lovley instructor, the lessons were good fun and I learned a lot. She really made sure I was ready for my test before I sat it, I passed first time too!!
Both me and my brother passed first time with Sarah!! I tried another instructor but they weren’t as knowledgeable as Sarah. She really helped me prep for my practical test in such a short space of time. Thanks for everything ❤️
Sarah is an incredible driving instructor! It’s all thanks to her that I passed my test and I highly recommend her. I was an extremely nervous driver and I needed to build my confidence on the road. I learned to drive in my 30s after having some negative experiences learning to drive in the past. Sarah put me at complete ease straight away and made the process so much more enjoyable than I ever thought it could be. I actually looked forward to our lessons, something I never thought I’d say about driving! My only regret is not finding her years ago. If you want a friendly, professional, thorough, and reliable instructor, then look no further.
I can’t thank Sarah enough for her lessons. She was consistently patient and reliable and made me feel very comfortable driving. I passed my driving test with 2 minors and couldn’t have done it without her amazing help!! Strongly recommend.
Really enjoyed my lessons with Sarah, she made me feel really comfortable and at ease driving and passed first time with her. Would definitely recommend having lessons at zoom driving school.
I can't recommend Sarah enough! I was a very nervous driver and failed my first test (with another instructor) due to nerves and lack of confidence. But with Sarah's guidance I felt confident going into my second test and passed!

She is an amazing teacher who explains everything in a really clear way (I finally understand how to reverse bay park!), she is always really patient and reassuring. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a driving instructor, especially those who are nervous or anxious.
I passed first time today with Sarah and I highly recommend her to anyone as an instructor! I originally tried to learn to drive many years ago but quit due to a lack of confidence. When I finally decided to try again I found Sarah and never spent a single moment behind the wheel feeling nervous - Sarah made me feel at ease right from the first lesson, a complete change from my previous experience. By the time I got to test day I felt comfortable on every road in Swansea due to Sarah's thorough tuition. I couldn't be happier with my driving experience :)
I passed first time with Sarah and only had 1 minor. Sarah is an amazing instructor, she built my confidence up when driving and made me feel at ease! Especially before my test when I was soo nervous. Sarah explained everything to me and made sure I understood it completely. She’s so willing, understanding and calm, I would recommend her to anyone. I managed to change the date of my test due to a cancellation which only gave Sarah a weeks notice, she was really flexible and made sure I was more than ready to take my test. Sarah made me feel comfortable from the start and made it a very enjoyable experience.
Thank you Sarah !
I passed my test first time today thanks to Sarah! Can’t recommend enough as not only did Sarah teach me in a way that I understood everything, but she also made sure I was comfortable every step of the way, and also was super flexible around school and work! Lockdown also caused my original test date to be cancelled, so Sarah made sure I could rebook as soon as possible and that I was ready for my new test date. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, thank you Sarah! :)
I cannot praise Sarah highly enough. She was incredibly flexible to work around our daughters 6th form lessons and part time work. Booking lessons is very easy and communications with Sarah are excellent. Our daughter passed first time which I'm sure is down to Sarah's calm and assured teaching style.
I would highly recommend Sarah at zoom driving school! I passed first time due to Sarah being an amazing instructor and also being very flexible with days. She made me confident and made the process so much more enjoyable. She is easy to talk to and is very reliable. I would highly recommend!
It’s taken me a few more times than would of hoped to pass, all down to my nerves and over thinking, I could not of wished for a better instructor I felt to comfortable and confident getting in the car with her every single time. Even when my nerves were getting the better of me and wanted to give up she never let me and am beyond grateful for that.
Sarah was absolutely amazing when teaching me how to drive! I just passed today with only 5 minors and couldn’t have done it without the amazing support she gave me. Sarah didn’t only teach me how to drive amazingly but she made the lessons enjoyable and is so friendly! She helped keep me relaxed and made me feel so confident! Would highly recommend!!

Thank you Sarah !!
Ben passed his test 1st time with only 3 minors! That sums up what a fab instructor Sarah is. She was very patient and understanding and helped Ben gain confidence! Can't thank you enough for your hard work. Highly recommended!
I just passed my driving test first time thanks to Sarah! She made me confident at driving and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, she's friendly, happy and chatty. I will miss seeing her every week but I'm happy to say that I can drive by myself now! Thanks Sarah xx
I had tried a few different instructors before Sarah and they just weren't able to help me like Sarah did. I suffer with really bad anxiety, especially when it comes to driving. Sarah was brilliant though, from my first lesson right up until I passed.. She was so relaxed and had a calming approach. She helped to build my confidence throughout lessons and continuously reminded me that I was able to do this!! Not only was Sarah amazing when it came to teaching me to drive, but she made the lessons enjoyable and I can't thank her enough of that! If anyone suffers with any type of anxiety then I really would recommend Sarah as a driving instructor!

Thankyou Sarah 😜😜
Sarah was such a friendly, patient and comforting instructor who built my confidence massively throughout the course of our lessons. She put me at ease from the very beginning and was clear and calm with all instructions and help. Thanks to Sarah, I passed first time! Highly recommend!!
I can’t thank Sarah enough for all her help and patience in teaching me how to drive!! I’ve been learning with her for a few months and passed my test first time! I had tried a number of instructors before Sarah and I wish I’d gone with her sooner, I felt at ease straight away and she gave me the confidence I needed to pass.
Passed my test first time thanks to Sarah! She was amazingly patient, flexible enough to work round my school runs and so helpful, she was able to explain things really clearly to me which really helped massively. Thanyou very much x
Sarah is an incredible driving instructor! She was my third instructor and couldn’t have passed without her. She is so patient and makes you feel so comfortable. Highly recommend!!!
I would of never had passed my test if it wasn’t for Sarah ! She was always so kind helpful and patient ! I have been with other instructors in the passed and she was by far the best!
Sarah is an excellent instructor, I passed my test on November 13th just over 4 months after my 17th. Sarah was very flexible with lessons and this allowed me to pass quickly. She is very easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease. I would recommend Sarah 100%. Cannot thank her enough!!
I passed earlier today with Sarah she is an excellent instructor and has helped me to build so much confidence. I never thought I would pass but she has had so much faith in me and she has not only taught me to drive but she has been my personal councilor and has been amazing. I would recommend her to anyone she is fab x
I had Sarah Davies as my instructor and she was so supportive and helpful towards myself learning to drive. Would love to thank her for her amazing desire to ssw her students succeed.
I passed my test today first time and it’s all thanks to Sarah! Could not recommend her enough, so patient and helped me to build my confidence so much!
Passed my test first time! Best instructor by far, felt so comfortable like u had gained a new best friend, didn’t take too long to pass eaither! I would 10000% recommended her to Evreyone I know x
I passed my test today, first attempt, with only three driver faults and it's all thanks to Sarah. She really helps you to feel confident and prepared for your test and I couldn't have done it without her encouraging me. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Just passed my driving test this morning first time with Sarah! From day one Sarah has built up my confidence and has made me look forward to every lesson as she is such a friendly and lovely person which has made me feel at ease even when I doubt myself. I definitely couldn't have done it without her encouragement and was so lucky to find her. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone.
Over the moon to have met and been taught by Sarah! One of the nicest people and such a brilliant driving instructor. She’s helped my confidence massively, and not just with driving. Can’t thank her enough for helping me pass. Highly recommend her!!
Sarah was a brilliant teacher who helped me gain confidence on the road and helped me go into my test believing I could do it, she is so kind and supportive and would make anyone feel at ease, she has really good tips to help become a better driver and she is the reason I passed, best instructor ever would recommend to anyone!
Unbelievably happy, passed my test first time with Sarah, by far the best instructor I’ve had lessons with, would happily recommend her to any new driver! Made me feel comfortable on the road and boosted my confidence!
Just passed my driving test 1st time with only 3 minors thanks to Sarah! This woman has the patience of a saint and made me feel so comfortable and confident with my driving. Couldn’t not have done it without her and would highly recommend her to anyone!
Passed my test this morning , not the first attempt but finally got there in the end , to say nerves got the better of me was an understatement but Sarah has always make me feel as ease . Always boosted my confidence when driving even with the little mistakes and my own negative attitude . She’s an amazing instructor and I would and have recommended her .. wouldn’t of passed if it wasn’t for her having every bit of faith in me xxx
I passed my test yesterday with only two driver faults, all thanks to the amazing Sarah! Sarah creates such a relaxed, comfortable environment that makes you feel so at ease on the road, even from the first lesson. I'm so thrilled to have passed my test but will really miss seeing Sarah every week :(. I honestly can't recommend her highly enough.
After a crash I was involved in 3 years ago I was put off from driving for a long time. Seeing that Sarah delt with nervous drivers and my wife arranging everything without me being able to stop them I got back behind the wheel. Sarah is patient and knowledgeable and was able to instil enough confidence in me that I was able to over my insecurities and pass first time.
I’m happy to say I passed my driving test last Friday, Friday the 13th! Very lucky day for for me but really it was all due to my fabulous driving instructor Sarah. I was a very nervous pupil who had started lessons some years ago and just gave up, I found Sarah and everything changed. As soon as my first lesson began I felt at ease and relaxed. From then on I enjoyed all my lessons. Sarah is super friendly, funny, patient and professional. She makes you feel at ease at the wheel as if you’re driving with a good friend but also teaches you everything you need to know along the way. Thank you Sarah for your time. I’ll never forget my lessons. Best teacher ever! Xxx
I had previously tried to learn to drive and was a nervous wreck. After a few recommendations I booked in with Sarah and actually began to enjoy driving! She is super calm and encouraging and it feels like you are driving with a friend not an instructor. I got my license in November last year and have been a confident driver ever since. Can't believe now that I couldn't drive once! Book in with Sarah I promise it's the best decision you'll ever make 😁
I passed my test on Monday first time and it is all thanks to Sarah, I put it off for years because I was petrified of being tested but Sarah encouraged me to go for it and I’m so glad she did. I had no confidence in myself driving at all, I have had previous instructors which made my confidence worse but as soon as I got in Sarah’s car for the first time she made me feel at ease and my confidence grew each week. I looked forward to my lessons each week which I had always dreaded with other instructors. On the day of my test I almost ddnt turn up because I was so nervous but as soon as I got in the car with Sarah I felt a lot calmer and she believed in me. I highly recommend Sarah, you will not find many instructors as patient an easy to get on with like her. Thank you so much to the best instructor ever!! Xx
I was optimistic when I went with Zoom ... as I had bad experiences with other instructors... when I was with Sarah.. I made to feel comfortable. And she made conversation.. I used to look forward to my driving lessons .. for our chats. And she learned me well... all my faults were corrected... but most of all I was made to feel as ease.. best instructor I've had.. and I've had a few over the years... I was highly recommend Zoom driving ... Sarah is the best xxx. I passed my test 2nd time.. my hard work had paid off.. many thanks to the best instructor. SARAH TANNER... XXX
Passed my test today! Sarah has taught me so much, she’s such a patient kind person.
She’s helped me to be confident, vigilant and calm behind the wheel!
She’s not only been a wonderful driving instructor but has become a wonderful friend who has taught me so much
Sarah this pass is for you thank you so much x
Passed my test on Monday with this beauty of a driving instructor!! I honestly wouldn't have done it without you Sarah, after having a bad experience with a previous instructor I didn't think I'd have the confidence to get going again!! Would 110% recommend you to anyone!! If anyone can teach somebody to drive it is definitely you! Thank you for everything you've done for me and your time and patience!! You're a star!
After switching up driving instructors so many times and not getting very far I finally found Sarah! Sarah is so easy going and down to earth, she makes you feel so comfortable in the car with her, you forget you're actually having a lesson! I used to dread driving lessons with other instructors as I felt they would get frustrated with me, but Sarah has the patience of a saint. Not only has she taught me so much, but has been there for me every step of the way and I don't think I could have done it without her!
Sarah helped me pass my driving test with patience and good humour. I felt very calm in the car with her whereas i have felt intimidated by other instructors. She is clear, concise and always explains the reasons behind her instructions fully, which i found very helpful. She is also very friendly and easy company. I would recommend her to nervous and non-nervous drivers alike, and in fact, everyone.
We passed our driving test thanks to Sarah! We first started driving with another instructor, however, we lost a lot of confidence as he was very impatient and would often shout at us whenever we made a mistake. This caused us to take a long hiatus from driving and we left not learning anything. After a year and a half, we finally had the courage to start driving again and our friend recommended Sarah. She is extremely friendly, patient and easy to get along with. In our first lesson with Sarah, we learnt so much more than we did in seven lessons with our previous instructor. She has helped transform us into better and safer drivers, taught us road awareness and massively improved our confidence on the road. We would highly recommend Sarah and we cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us!