Hi Guys, please leave your comments about our lessons and teaching, as well as sharing your successes. Congrats to all you newly qualified drivers!


Sarah is a great instructor, very patient and friendly. I passed my test first time due to her, would definitely recommend to anyone :)
Sarah was Anna amazing instructor, she was so patient and nothing was ever to much trouble for her. She was so flexible and was able to work around me. I am sooooooooo thankful for her as I really never thought I would pass my test, she built my confidence up and became a great friend x x
Sarah is a brilliant teacher and inspires confidence. After only one hour with her, I felt relaxed and was amazed at what I had learned. I am hoping to pass by Summer. With a teacher like her, it's looking more like a real possibility; not a distant dream! :-)
Passed my test first last march after learning with Sarah, very friendly, and a very good drviving instructor. would recommend highly to any body.

I passed my driving test with Sarah last August. Sarah is an excellent driving instructor and i would highly recommend. Shes friendly, patient, very helpful and easy to get along with. I enjoyed every lesson! xx
I would highly recommend Sarah! She puts you at ease behind the wheel with her patience and friendly personality, and boosts your confidence. I always looked forward to my driving lessons with Sarah :)
Previously to Sarah I had had four different instructors. I completely lost my confidence and felt as though the instructors were stopping me from developing onwards so that I would have to keep paying for more lessons. I really wanted to give up but couldn't due to needing to drive for my job. Sarah was my last hope and I am so glad that she was recommended to me. I had gotten to the point where I hated driving and she completely turned it around. Not only were lessons fun (they never dragged) but I learnt so much more from her than I did with all the other instructors put together. It also helped my confidence knowing that Sarah really cares about her students and them passing. She is a lovely lady and a fantastic teacher!
I passed my driving test with Sarah over a year ago now, after 10 years of stopping and starting lessons I was determined this time but lacked confidence, Sarah was amazing and really made me realise I was capable, she has a fantastic nature that shows patience and understanding, I had deadline by when I wanted to pass by and with Sarah's help, we achieved that. I would ( and have done) highly recommend her and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you again! It's changed my life! Good luck for the future Sarah xx
Sarah is a fabulous instructor and person. If you want to have a laugh while learning Then sarah is for you. I couldnt have passed my test with out her. Recommend her to anyone!!!!!
Great instructor! Passed my test under like 8 weeks, I recommend Sarah to anyone she's awesome!xx
Would Highly recommend Sarah Davies as a driving instructor!! Thanks to her i passed before the date i set.. and dont think i would of passed that quick with anyone else! Brilliant instructor and makes you feel comfertable and i enjoyed every lesson with her!
Amazing instructor!!! After having 3 other instructors and hating the entire experience of driving a car, Sarah managed to teach me basically from scratch and get me to pass my test within 3 months. Would recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, friendly teach who cares more about your experience of driving then how much money she can make. Only wish I had found her before might of passed my test a year earlier :)